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Brazilian journalist Gláucia Nogueira has released her 2nd book, a collection of previously published articles on the history of Capeverdean music.

Cape Verde related literature Our own library, in Word-format. Updated March 2006

Djudju Tavares wins Senna Barcelos Award     28-01-06
Manuel de Jesus Tavares got The Portuguese Cultural Center and the Association of Cape Verdean Writers "Senna Barcelos Award" January 27.
His prize-winning essay, “Aspectos evolutivos da música cabo-verdiana” (“Evolutionary aspects of Cape Verdean music”),
will now be published in book form, and is expected to be available for purchase in March of this year.

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Adriano Gomes
On-line poet and author: This São Nicolauan lives and works in East-Timor. He writes in Portuguese and Kriolo

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