"Trip to Breakpoint - The Game"

About the Game

Contributors needed!!
About the I.N.G.A. engine

About the Game

"Trip to Breakpoint - The Game" (working title) is a short graphic adventure made with the Inutilis Graphic Adventure Engine (I.N.G.A.) for Amigas with graphiccards. (read more about INGA at bottom of page).

Major specifications are
- 256 Colours
- 640*480
- Cybergraphix compatible Graphicscard (like P96 under UAE)
- a not too slow Amiga, i.e. 040/25 mhz or 030/40 should work well. I'll have to check 020. UAE users won't have any problems, the same goes for Amiga One and PegasOs
- some (more) RAM, depending on the complexity of the animations

To introduce you to the game itself, let me show you some screenshots from the demoversion first (click to enlarge):

"Trip to Breakpoint" will be a typical Monkey Island style point-and-click oldskool graphic adventure.

The story will be as following: Our Hero, named Careem at the moment, is a cannibalistic scener who wants to visit the Breakpoint party. His aim is to get to the partyplace. The game will end when he has arrived on Friday night, after handing in his releases and closing his decent sleepingbag in the sleeping-hall/under the table. Of course, there will be lots of riddles to solve before he can finally enjoy his stay. For instance, he doesn't know how to get to Bingen, he must gather enough special alcohol and prepare food for the journey as well...

The game is intended to be finishable in about 45 minutes up to one and a half hour as long as you don't know the solution. The number of places (backgroud pictures, resp.) is going to be 15. The length of the game will be streched by comic stills (which will probably make look more demoscene-like;)). However, I want to make sure to keep it short and so to keep the deadline - because I want to hand in the game at the "Wild Compo" (or a different competition, if more appropriate) at Breakpoint this year. Well, maybe not. At least I managed to release a little teaser in the same category which even ranked 4 of 17! Get it in the releases section.


Demoversion (808kb) (PC Users read below)
Animation template

People who contributed to this game

Since time is incredibly scarce, I am desperately looking for people who are interested in contributing to the game or even joining the team. You can decide about the release date of this game! Mainly needed: MP3-Music, Ideas for Riddles, pixeled still pictures, animations of Sceners or other people, play testing. If you are interested in one of these, please mail me (supermatse@gmx.de). You can download a template to see what's needed for the anims.

my non-scener friends(Buildings, Scripts)
Ragnarok/Metalvotze (Animation)
Dr.K/MoodS (MED-Files for Demoversion)

About the I.N.G.A. Engine

I.N.G.A. stands for Inutilis Graphic Adventure and was developed by Timo Kloss in 2001. By the help of this engine, he started to work at his own adventure game "Ermentrud", where you control a handsome boy who is riding a "hobbyhorse". Unfortunately, Timo is working almost lonesome at his (fulladventure) project so that Ermendrud still isn't finished. However, the first 30 screens are looking astonishingly cool already!


Ok, that was the history of INGA. Now with this engine you can easily create your own adventures. There are several programs included in the inga-package which help you convert your IFF-Files into inga-compilant formats. There is a "place-editor" in which you can define the clickable fields in the scenery. Everything is then put together in an easy script language that goes (in the simpliest way) like

"if looking at 1 say 'Looking good'
if using 1 say 'I don't need that'"

Very easy and intuitive, so you only have to focus on the artistic issue of your game. If you want to learn more about the engine, please get in contact with me.




No Amiga? PC Users please follow these steps:

1. Get WinUAE
2. Get Amiga in a box or AmigaSYS
3. Get a Workbench 3.1 ADF
4. Get Kickstart 3.1
5. Install WinUAE and unzip the Kickroms to the roms directory
6. Install Amiga in a box/AmigaSYS
7. Start WinUAE and load configuration "default"/AmigaSys x.x
8. Choose Harddrives-->Add PC Drives on startup
9. Start the Emulation and follow the online instructions
10. If everything went correctly you should now have a fully working Amiga environment on your PC.
However, I'm not responsible for any damage caused by this instruction!


Last update: 2005/June/02