Satan Rides The Media

Satan Rir Media [Norwegian Version]
Norwegian Version
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Review by Jon Henning Orten
Original Title: Satan Rir Media
Release: 1998
Company: Subfilm
Format: VHS or NTSC
Recorded in: 1991 - 1998(?)
Total Playingtime - 52 Min

On of the many church fires

In the early 90s 52 churches were set on fire and over 15000 graves were vandalized in Norway. The police had no clue who stood behind these crimes, while some journalists started their own investigation of the crimes. The medias attention was brought towards a small musical miljue that had started in Norway a couple of years earlyer... The Black Metal miljue.

The Night before Christmas 1992, Åsane church was set on fire, just about 03:30. 18 hours later the methodist church in Sarpsborg was burnt to ashes. This year there had been 13 attempted church arsons, whereof 11 of the churches were highly damaged. The 6. of June 1992 Fantoft church was set on fire, and the police found a beheaded hare on the church steps. A journalist in Bergens Tidene was the first to think about Satanism, as he heard of the beheaded animal.

A while later this journalist was put in touch with a musician whoose miljue supposedly had set fire to 8 churches that year. He entered a completely dark appartment filled with rare symbols. There a man dressed in dark clothes with long black hair sat. The 19 year old man, who then wanted to appear as anonymous but later turned out to be Varg Vikernes, aka Count Grishnackh, made a deal with the journalist from Bergens Tidene. He was interested in PR for his one-man band Burzum, and so he would get, if he could give true facts about the churchfires. Varg described in detail how he had set fire to Fantoft church and how nice it was that a fireman died while trying to save Sarpsborg church. He also stated that he was a devilworshipper and a Satanist. All the facts concerning the church fires were checked against the Police, and they were true. And so the interview was pressed in January 1993.

First Burzum PR-pictures
The first Burzum PR picture, taken for the Bergens Tidene interview in January

This was the start of one of the biggest Media-happenings in Norway for a long time. The coming months there were several articles in the newspape