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I was born into this world by a simple ceremony at September 16th 1951 after strong pressure from my mother.

Credo I: A man who did not discover gunpowder, ought to handle explosives carefully.

Credo II: Smile as often as you can while you still have your own teeth.

Credo III: Don't think to well about people, they're more like yourself than you know.

Credo IV: Look to the sun, and the shadows will fall behind.

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My birthplace at the island Otrøya to the west of Molde. The old barn was destroyed in a big storm in 1992.

In the summertime I have experienced that shadows have hidden under the soles of my shoes to get out from under the sun; but sometimes during the autumn, the wind blows so hard that I`ve seen barn gables come flying over the sea in a V-shape.



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