IGN Scripts

On-site scripts
Online scripts to use
» Nametag creator -- Generates colored signature text, paste result after each post. (there are macro programs such as keytext available to avoid having to c/p each time)
      Creators: master version is located here.

» Icon Search (Mirror) -- Replica of the IGN icon database, set up for searches. Benson and chadypu rock, so hosting's awesome.

» Online/Offline -- Displays an image showing your online status on the IGN boards. Only possible to display in your profile using a redirect URL from TinyURL.com. (copy the url from the script into tinyURL, and use the tinyURL instead)

» MU Script (Mirror) -- Collect user post/WUL counts, and keep track of stats. Very helpful for creating MU's, and has markup abilities.

» Preview function -- javascript preview of board code, spaces included. Currently only in dev-style, and only tested to work with IE-based browsers.

» Icon Anonymizer -- Use this if your icons can't be remotely linked (if they come up with a red X when you try to post them). It has a 10k limit, ICONS ONLY!

Bookmark scripts
How to use:
* Create a new bookmark, name it something appropriate.
* Right click on the bookmark, and go to Properties.
* Paste the contents of the script file into the URL for the bookmark. (IE will bitch at you that javascript isn't a recognized protocol, just ignore it)
* Note: you can also use IE's Links bar to put the bookmark in the toolbar, or Netscape/Mozilla/Safari's bookmark bar, so you don't need to go into the favorites menu.
* To use it, just click on the newly created bookmark.

» Iconify Images: Choose the script that works best for your browser.
    - Padding w/ image reloading -- seems to work perfectly on non-IE-based browsers.
    - Padding w/o image reloading -- use this version if icons will continue animating when used.
    - Expanded Border w/ image reloading -- seems to work best in IE-based browsers.
    - Expanded Border w/o image reloading -- use this version if icons continue animating when used.

» Binary to ASCII: Translate binary code to normal ascii on the boards (highlights converted text). Only known to work in IE, Mozilla/Firebird 1.4+, and Safari. Let me know if any other browsers support it.

» Standalone binary converter: Prompts for binary code to be replaced, and alerts the output.

» ASCII to binary: Translate text to binary code. Prompts for text, then displays binary result in new window.

» Change page: Backward//Forward. Quick links to get to the next page/item (works for all url's with numerics, not just on IGN).

» WUL tracker: Click the script link once the user friends page has loaded to view the update for who's added you, and who's dropped you from their WUL.

» Linkify: Turn posted URL's into links. For those of you too lazy to copy/paste. (tested to work in safari, mozilla/firebird, and Internet Explorer)

» FIX ANNOYING CAPS: Use this to tone down CAPS in posts into capitalized, normal text. (Note: somewhat buggy... but mostly decent; better than AOL-er)

All scripts by carlmmii unless stated otherwise by a wooly mammoth.